Giving women and girls

comfort, dignity and freedom




Can you think of a good reason why women and girls around the world should not have equal opportunities regardless of where they live? Neither can we. Our mission is to level the playing field to enable females of all ages to fulfil their potential by ending period poverty with an environmentally friendly, hygienic solution.

Having periods is the most natural thing in the world, but in some places this simple, natural process means girls miss days from school or drop out completely and women have to stay at home, causing them to lose work days. Often, instead of decent hygienic sanitary napkins, women are forced to use rags, leaves and, in some cases, soil. It isn’t right and we are doing something about it, and we want you to join us.

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Women and Girls exists to provide women and girls in India with sanitary protection that is culturally and geographically sensitive, kind to the environment and the key to helping women and girls be healthier, happier and free to fulfil their potential.

We supply women and girls with Saakfins, a product that provides comfort, dignity and freedom to women and girls in India because we believe that no one should be held back by the natural process of menstruation. We are helping to end period poverty in communities where there are no other options.



The Problem

Around the world women and girls suffer terrible indignities simply because they are female. Inequality for the poorest communities can be beyond our imagining. Many women and girls face discrimination every day, and for some the normal biological function of having a period can cause many extra problems. During their period women can be housebound, and schoolgirls can be bullied by both male teachers and boys, causing them to stop attending school altogether – all because they don’t have sanitary protection.

The Solution

For the poorest women and girls, money is used to buy food, and sanitary protection is a ‘luxury’ they just can’t afford. Many forms of reusable sanitary protection rely on clean water, and this is a ‘luxury’ that just isn’t available. We believe that sanitary protection isn’t a luxury, and we will provide women and girls with a solution that is reusable, hygienic and safe – a solution that helps them be healthier, happier and free to fulfil their potential.


Saafkins are sanitary napkins that meet the needs of women in developing countries. They don’t require underwear, meaning they can be used by anyone. They are environmentally friendly as they can be reused and last for a year. They are antibacterial, meaning that they can be washed in dirty water but still be safe for the health of the woman or girl using them. They sound too good to be true, but this is a real solution for a real problem.




All it costs is £5 to give a woman or girl comfort, dignity and freedom for an entire year of their life.




Today in India

• 23% of Indian girls drop out of school when their periods start

• 71% of girls in India report having no knowledge of menstruation before their first period

• 70% of women in India say their family cannot afford to buy sanitary pads

• Almost 88% of women and girls in India use homemade alternatives, such as an old cloth, rags, hay, sand, or ash





Give £5 to provide
a woman or girl comfort,
dignity and freedom for an entire
year of their life.

£5 a month would enable us to help 12 women or girls during the year.


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